The Practical Mind


Dimensions: 23 x 15.5cm 

Pages: 169

Year of Publication:  2023

Category: Self Development      

Writer: Vasilis Stefanou


Do you want to think like a genius, overcome challenging situations or learn anything faster and efficiently? Do you want to be able to observe like Sherlock Holmes or perfect the art of communication? How about being present in the moment and finding inner peace? In this book, you will discover ten years of research along with practice on the methods and tools that successful people from different areas and times of human history used to their advantage to increase their mind’s possibilities and capabilities. Don’t lose any more precious time. Learn them, implement them, find what is ideal for you and become limitless.


“A must-read for anyone interested in personal development. A thoughtful approach with examples and vivid stories. Watch out for the section on communication!” – Dr. Savvas Trichas, 3-times TED speaker, Author, PhD Human Resources Management & Marketing


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