A Book about Equality


Dimensions: 21 x 15cm

 Pages: 60

 Publication: Be An Aly Foundation  

 Year of Publication:  2021

 Category: Social Sciences

Writers: Elenitsa Onisiforou, Panayiota Polykarpou, Eftychia Nearchou  


Would you be different if you were born a boy? Would you be different if you were born a girl? How? What does it mean to be a boy in society? How does a girl grow up in a western society? What is the role of a man in a Cypriot family? What is the role of a woman in Cyprus? How is her role defined? These are all questions where gender is a central feature. 

This book aims to start a discussion about gender equality – equality that we all would have liked to experience for a long time now. It will highlight why equality issues concern everyone without exception; even those who often overlook them, not realising the impact on all of our daily lives.

Learn how to challenge your own stereotypes and prejudices and become part of the change you want to see around you.

The story of every person is written long before they are born to this world. Who holds the pen?


Profits are donated to Be an Aly Foundation.



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